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What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is more than quiet meditation or learning to focus one's attention. It is developing the ability to be present to everything that is.  It means developing capacities that can help us navigate the world: openess, curiosity, resilience, empathy and kindness. It means developing skills to train our own minds; to be more aware of our own experience so we can better learn and grow in each moment. Neuroscience has shown that our brains adapt to what we do, and mindfulness practices train the brain to see positives, acknowledge difficulties, and avoid rumination. These practices help one to improve natural discernment so each individual can better live in line with their own values.                                                                                          

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Click on the  logo of MiSP above to go to their web site.  Learn more about MiSP and see testimonials from students, teachers and parents.

What courses are offered?

.b Foundations (dot b foundations) course

8 week course for adults

Patterned after Jon Kabat Zinn's 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) course.  This course is intended to guide one to understand the usefulness of a mindfulness practice and to assist in developing a personal practice.  The weekly meetings are a chance to do guided meditations together, do exercises and  discuss the the challenges and benefits of our mindful journey.  Participants are given a book to guide them through the 8 weeks, access to meditations and resources, plus personal support.

paws b course

10 week course for students 7-11 years old

This course meets once a week for 50 minutes.  Young learners are introduced to mindfulness through lessons about how the brain works.  4  parts of the brain are explored with  illustrations, videos, exercises and discussion.  Students practice mindfulness exercises both in the class and outside of the class to know firsthand how training the brain gives them greater ability to handle difficult situations, and to grow their own happiness.

.b (dot b) course

10 week course for students 12-18 years old

This is the original course developed by MiSP, it meets once a week for 50 minutes.  It is meant to help teenagers in what is often a challenging time where they must deal with physical changes, demands for greater concentration on school work and test taking, and the changing social situations.  The .b course offers information about neuroplasticity and greater emphasis on the many exercises to develop mindfulness.  Animations (like the one pictured above right) are used to guide students through meditations at home.

Ask for a Taster Session - A 90 minute presentation to learn about and experience mindfulness

Praise for Rachelle

"I see a big difference in how I handle the stressful moments with the kids"     - Nicole, mother

"I see a big difference in how I handle the stressful moments with the kids"     - Ellen Selvidge, teacher

"I like that so many teachers learned it together, it feels like we are supporting each other

                                             - Ellen Selvidge, teacher

"Mindfulness has given me skills and knowledge I did not get anywhere else.  The insights are helping me deal with daily stresses in a better way!  Thank you Rachelle! "                  - Cecelia, age 15

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